Questions To Ask When Considering Weight Loss Surgery

And you can lose this weight safely and effectively without having to worry about harmful side effects you see in many fad diets out there. That’s because this isn’t a fad diet. Unless you call a fad diet one that’s lasted for over 25 years. What am I talking about? I’m talking about a meal replacement program. You probably know them as Slim-Fast, Jenny Craig, NutriSystem, or Medifast. These meal replacement programs have been proven effective for over 20 years.

No matter what kind of surgery, there are always risk involved. In fact my family doctor used to say “Surgery, major or minor no matter what, Its a risk to your life whenever you go under the knife”.

This bursa obezite is more invasive. It works by changing the way a patient takes in food. It also limits the size of the stomach and then physically removes specific parts of the digestive tract. By doing so, your body will have restrictions on how much calories it can absorb, and thus limiting one’s food intake.

The background of these diets lie on meal replacement shakes and healthy snacks as well as daily activity. Meal replacements programs are a great way to cut calories and lose weight quickly. A shake and a nutrition bar together would be a typical meal replacement. Most meal replacement supplements provide an adequate level of protein while limiting the amount of carbohydrates you consume.

I can tell you with heartfelt sincerity that when I had 150 pounds to lose I was in such a spiral of despair and hopelessness that nothing short of surgery worked for me. My acts of self-sabotage and self-destruction derailed every conventional attempt to lose weight. I did not have the self-esteem or courage to muster any grit determination. I was on the train to hell and getting there by way of obesity.

You may experience a number of side effects after the surgery. One of the most common is called “Dumping Syndrome”. This is when you try to eat too much, usually heavy sugary or fatty foods. With Dumping you can feel faint and dizzy. You have tried to put too much food into a small space and your body does not like it. You may find yourself being physically sick as well. Try and drink lots of fluid and decrease the amount of sugary foods. You may also get post operative infections as well as gallstones when you lose weight quickly. That is another surgery.

After about two months, you should be able to eat most foods. Course meats may to need to be cut into small pieces and soaked in liquid. Your biggest problem will be with sugar. It will more than likely make you feel lightheaded or like you have the flu. Sugar may also cause dumping syndrome. It is best to limit sugar as much as possible.

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