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If you’re a serious student of acting, then it follows you are a serious student of theatre, where great actors are made. It then follows that you’ve got to check out the First Annual DC Black Theatre Festival, which runs August 1-8 thoughout D.C.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame only inducts five to seven of the nominees each year, so roughly half of those chosen as possible inductees will have to be nominated again in the future. While I love Neil for all his cheesy-earnest goodness, and Alice Cooper, Dr. John, and Donna Summer are all legends already, I have to cast my lot for the Beasties.

Separate Ways (1983) – There are a lot of strong drums in it that I like. This is one of their more driven and faster tempo songs. I’m not sure if it’s this music video or another one on this song list, but I couldn’t watch it. To say it was bad would be an understatement. Clearly, and very thankfully, Journey doesn’t need to depend on free rap beats videos for cd sales. Their music and vocals have gotten them much further.

To start off with you should find a time of day that suits you. The time should be when you are already relaxed and there are not going to be distractions. Let people around you know you need some “me time” and you are not to be disturbed. You should turn off your phones and choose to disconnect from the buzz of the rest of your day. For best results you should keep to the same time of day every time you meditate.

The reaction was as swift as her last name: an angry internet crowd instantly posted clips of the childish Kanye,who also bum-rushed the stage years ago when Justice beat him out for a European video award, demanding a recount since HIS video cost a million dollars. As if it matters how much it cost. Just look at film to realize a grossly bloated budget doesn’t mean better quality.

They will re-release their “We Are the Ones” EP through Solid State later in the Fall. Solid State’s connection with EMI distribution will help the band to get more exposure than ever. They also hinted that a nationwide tour may be in the works. The long awaited music video for “Oh, the Depths” will also be released soon. Most importantly, the band emphasized its excitement at being able to spread their Gospel centered message to more people.

If there was any hero to be found at the Emmys that evening, it was Lucas Black who succeeded in telling it like it is, and who managed to capture the frustration we have with modern television. He ranted about how sick he was of watching a show, and then seeing at the bottom of what’s coming up next. Lucas also stood up for those “nameless” people who are listed in the end credits of a show. For the past decade or so, their names have been relegated to the side of the screen which are fast forwarded through so quickly that we cannot make anyone’s name out (except of course for the co-stars). Lucas was dead on in saying these people deserve a lot more respect than we give them.

The Beasties have won ridiculous amounts of awards over the years, including Grammys, American Music Awards, MTV awards, Billboard Awards — you name it, they’ve at least been nominated. The Beasties were first nominated for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2007. If they don’t make it this go-round, I’ll be among those who believe that the RRHF has lost its way.

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