Let’s Compare Free Web Hosting And Paid Web Hosting

When you first start building web pages or blogs, it is easy to mess things up and and spend hours trying to figure out problems. It has been a true blessing to have access to knowledgeable people, who most times fix or solve my problems in a matter of minutes.

Click on the “File Manager” link. With most hosts, you now find the public_html folder. Click on that to open the folder and its contents. You will see the files and directories already in the public_html folder. If using FileZilla or another FTP software, you need to log in with your hosting account login information. You will then see the folders on your computer in one window and the folders on your website in another window. Select the public_html folder.

Contact the domain name registrar (place where you registered your domain name) and change the Domain Name Server (DNS) or Name Server information to your new hosts DNS information.

Prospect Building – When it comes to finding prospects for your business opportunity, an automated prospecting system goes a long way towards helping you, find, email, track and follow up with prospective people. Managing the sales process becomes a lot easier when you have a full blown prospect management system.

A merchant account will let you start accepting credit card payments for customer purchases, which will enhance the shopping experience for most customers and earn your company a progressive reputation. Never assume you will have extravagant monthly charges when you open a merchant account. Shop around, ask questions, and compare costs to get the best low cost merchant account available for your business. Your customers will thank you with repeat and additional business.

Global Domains International or GDI has been around since 2000. They offer a low cost service of registering a domain name and providing Website Hosting for $10 a month. Well, low cost is a relative term. You see, you can get far superior Cheap Unlimited Website Hosting from companies like Host Gator and Go Daddy for the same price or less.

Keep it short – don’t be intimidated by the idea of writing pages and pages of new content for your blog posts. A paragraph can be more than sufficient.

These are just a few of the reasons that makes this type of business really cool. If you want to build a solid business with great potential, information products may be the business for you.

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