Ex Energy Drink Powered By Kombucha

A few months ago I was shopping for produce at a local grocery store when I spotted Synergy’s Organic Raw Kombucha Tea. Because it was organic and raw it automatically caught my eye and I wanted to try it. There were several different flavors available, but I went with the Gingerberry flavor because it was one of the least intimidating ones. A 16oz bottle costs $3.99.

Now let’s say that you would like to add whole-wheat flour to the recipe. Go right ahead: start with one-third whole wheat, one-third all-purpose and one-third bread flour. See how it comes out and then experiment. But please, make it the first time exactly as my recipe says so that you have a standard for future outcomes.

Although I live in a tightly packed city, I’m lucky to have a backyard and be able to have an awesome compost tumbler. I realize it’s not as easy for others to do, so worm composting is definitely the way to go. It’s ideal for apartment dwellers to try out and see the results for themselves. You’ll nearly cut your garbage in half, and you’ll have some super-fertile compost to use in your garden, or give to someone else that does.

Even though, I am not pulling in $2000 a month, in PPV’s, I am proud of the number of views I get each month and of my work. I do have many different views than other writers on AC, and that will probably keep me from being one of the best AC has to offer. However, I believe strongly in allowing readers to hear my voice when I write. Though I been told I should not do this, I do enjoy it.

The benefits of kombucha tea is more reported by first hand account of the user. He doesn’t promote this as a supplement, vitamin or herb. It is simply a Whole food plain and simple. Whole foods have healing effects on the body by bolstering the body’s immune system response, cellular oxygenation and alkaline balance. It nourishes the body with living food vs. dead cooked processed microwaved food. Your body is alive and responds better to living food. Simply all of these reported results emanate from eating food in its purest natural state. Alicante in Houston encapsulates the highest living state in a beverage form.

In addition to all the excitement of the tea exhibits and demonstrations, attendees can enjoy the displays at the first ever Healthy Beverages Expo, co-located with the WTE. Tea is considered by some to be the world’s healthiest beverage next to water. It seems only natural for it to be linked to a trade show for kombucha alcohol other healthy beverages as well.

If your watercraft has some VROOM! to it, there’s McKellar Lake on the southwest corner, Ole Man River on the west, and several bodies further out, in virtually all directions. Y’all putcha life jackets on, ya heah!

The unusual brewing procedure is, as I said, not a spur of the moment job by any means. It takes around 6 to 14 days to brew but once it has done so, you will have enough for a few days, so if you are interested in inviting friends round for a Kombucha tea, you better give them plenty of notice!

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